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20CrMnTi Face Mill Arbor CATE Tool Holder Flange & Taper Face Milling Cutter

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: QFMH
Model Number: CATE30,CATE40,CATE50
Minimum Order Quantity: 10PCS
Price: USD 10/PCS
Packaging Details: PLASTIC BOX
Delivery Time: 5DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000PCS/MONTH
Accuracy: 0.005mm AppliCATEion: CNC Machine
Clamping Force: 1000N Clamping Range: 0-20mm
Color: Black Cooling Method: Air Cooling
Material: 20CrMnTi Product Name: CATE Tool Holder
Size: CATE50 Surface Treatment: Oxidation
Tolerance: 0.01mm Warranty: 1 Year
Weight: 12.5kg
High Light:

20CrMnTi Face Mill Arbor


Arbor CATE Tool Holder


20CrMnTi CATE Tool Holder

CATEE Tool Holder | Face Mill Arbor | Flange & CATEE Taper face milling cutter


Face Mill Arbor CATEE (CATEEer-pillar) Face Milling Holder is a tool holder used in milling machines for face milling operations. It is designed to securely hold a face milling cutter (also known as a face mill) in place during machining.

The CATEE designation refers to the type of taper used in the tool holder. CATEE tool holders have a flange and taper that are compatible with CATEE tool spindles, which are commonly found on CNC milling machines.

The Face Mill Arbor CATEE Face Milling Holder typically consists of a cylindrical shank with a CATEE taper on one end and a flange on the other end. The flange has holes or slots for mounting the face milling cutter, which is usually secured with screws or clamps.

When the Face Mill Arbor CATEE Face Milling Holder is inserted into the milling machine's spindle, the CATEE taper provides a secure and accurate connection, ensuring that the face milling cutter remains properly aligned during machining. This allows for precise and efficient face milling operations, which involve removing material from the face of a workpiece to create a flat surface.

Overall, the Face Mill Arbor CATEE Face Milling Holder is an essential tool for face milling operations, providing a reliable and rigid connection between the milling machine and the face milling cutter.



Face Mill Arbor CATEE Face Milling Holder , Each FMA/FMB face milling cutter is equipped with screws and lugs for assembly of face milling cutters.Toolholder used in the clamping of the cutter with the radial drive groove, such as the face milling cutter, the vertical disc cutter, the set type end mill, high speed and high precision machining .


Tool holder:
1. The shank 7:24 taper accuracy ≤ AT3 and some standard sizes are all tested on the standard inspection tool made in Germany.
2. The inner cone is tested with a standard pneumatic measuring instrument, and the contact area ratio of the big end is over 90%.
3. The shank body jumps ≤0.002.
5.CATEE Face Milling Holder the handle is suitable for medium speed precision machining
6. Dynamic balance: G6.3 12000/18000RPM G2.5 15000/25000RPM can be made according to demand. It can also be customized according to customer requirements.
7. Each FMA/FMB face milling cutter is equipped with screws and lugs for assembly of face milling cutters.
8.if you have a production plane milling cutter - extended type, you can ask.
9.CATEE Face Milling Holder material: 20CrMnTi.
10.CATEE Face Milling Holder hardness: HRC54 ° -60 °
11.CATEE Face Milling Holder Carburizing depth: >0.8.


Model D1 L1 H1 C1 W1
CATEE40-FMA25.4-1.75 25.4 1.75 17.5 2.362 9.5
CATEE40-FMA31.75-2 31.75 2 17.5 2.756 12.7
CATEE40-FMA38.1-2 38.1 2 23.8 3.346 15.9


CATEE Face Milling Holder The cutter bar requirements are as follows:
To be clamped tighter, better rigidity, small deflection accuracy of machining tool, in this case, can the effectiveness of potential play!
CATEE Face Milling Holder The cutter bar check the accuracy of the matters needing attention:
1, the accuracy of the accuracy and reliability of the scale, the unit of measurement of at least 0.002mm.
2, the main test bar according to international standard
3, the accuracy of the tungsten steel mold qualified. Control shaft diameter tolerance within H6.
4, the cutter bar in the front, thoroughly clean all parts, such as the collet nut etc.. And at the same time, should pay attention to the cleanliness of the machine spindle.
5, the cutter bar clamping tungsten steel mold bar, the need to comply with all kinds of tool rod device description of. In order to avoid clamping precision caused by improper, distortion.

6, if the measurement. 180 degree deviation, the reason may be the bolt head or mechanical spindle taper precision etc..

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