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Black Oxide ER25 Spanner Wrench ER32 Collet Torque Wrench

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: QFMH
Model Number: ER8, ER11, ER16, ER20, ER25, ER32, ER40, ER50
Minimum Order Quantity: 10PCS
Price: USD 1/PCS
Packaging Details: carton
Delivery Time: 5DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000PCS/MONTH
Material: Stainless Steel Size: 6-32mm
Type: Wrench Set AppliCATEion: Repairing
Product Name: Er Spanner Surface Treatment: Black Oxide
Color: Black,red Handle: Screwable And Chrome Coated,Comfortable Dipped Handle With 2 Colour,Chrome Plated
Standard: ISO,JIS,DIN
High Light:

Black Oxide ER25 Spanner Wrench


ER32 Collet Torque Wrench


er32 torque wrench

ER spanners er collet wrenches adjustable spanners er32 collet wrench


Manual wrench is also called ordinary wrench, which is mainly used in ordinary life and work. Its use is relatively simple. It is mainly divided into single head solid wrench, double head solid wrench, flexible wrench, box wrench, multi-purpose wrench, percussion wrench, socket wrench, socket driver, torque wrench, torque wrench, cross wrench, ratchet wrench, hook wrench, hexagon wrench, inner square wrench, hand Dynamic clutch type torque wrench, pipe wrench, T-type wrench, L-type wrench, triple wrench, crescent wrench, oil barrel wrench, tire wrench, spark plug wrench, filter wrench, combination wrench, other spanners, etc. Torque wrench is divided into ring spanner, pointer wrench and digital display wrench.

Use of Cnc Spanner
1. Select the corresponding wrench according to the characteristics of the fastener to be tightened
2. Tighten, hold the end of the handle by hand and screw it clockwise; loosen it and turn it anticlockwise.
Manual wrench features: simple operation, low price, high labor intensity.

AppliCATEEion and technical characteristics of open end wrench
Screw is the main fastener in mechanical equipment, and the open-end wrench is an important tool for processing, production and maintenance in the machinery industry. This project is a revolution of traditional wrench tools. It has the following advantages. 1. It can work fast. The working speed is three to four times faster than the traditional wrench and faster than that of the fast wrench. 2. An open-end wrench can be used for 2-6 kinds of screws, while a double headed solid wrench can only be used for two kinds of screws. An open-end wrench is equivalent to 2-3 solid spanners and an adjustable wrench, but it can work quickly without adjusting the opening. 3. It has a long service life and can not be broken, and the front quick wrench is easy to break. 4. The manufacturing process is simple, and its cost is lower than that of the solid wrench. 5. Light weight, easy to carry and labor-saving.

Product information:
1.Er Spanner Material: 45 # or 65Mn, etc.
2.Er Wrench Spanner Heat treatment hardness: 40-45HRC;
3.Er Collet Spanner Deep cooling treatment and thermal aging treatment are used in the process to improve the dimensional stability.
4.Collet Wrench Surface sandblasting, coating treatment, improve surface hardness, wear resistance, improve cleanliness, better rust and corrosion resistance, smoother surface, more 5.comfortable feel, more beautiful appearance;







Model B L Clamping Nut
ER11-A 17 110 ER11-A
ER16-A 25 120 ER16-A
ER20-A 30 130 ER20-A
ER8-M 7.5 70 ER8-M
ER11-M 11 90 ER11-M
ER16-M 15 110 ER16-M
ER20-M 19.5 120 ER20-M
ER25-M 25 130 ER25-M
ER16-UM 26 180 ER16-UM
ER20-UM 30 190 ER20-UM
ER25-UM 37 210 ER25-UM
ER32-UM 45 250 ER32-UM
ER40-UM 58 290 ER40-UM
ER50-UM 74 350 ER50-UM

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