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CNC Machine Hsk63 Tool Holder Collet Chuck HRC60 HSK100 Tool Holder

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: QFMH
Model Number: HSK40,HSK50,HSK63,HSK100
Minimum Order Quantity: 10PCS
Price: USD10/PCS
Packaging Details: PLASTIC BOX
Delivery Time: 5DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000PCS/MONTH
Accuracy: 0.005mm AppliCATEion: CNC Milling Machine
Clamping Range: 2-20mm Coating: TiN
Grip Range: 2-20mm Length: 63mm
Material: 20CrMnTi Product Name: HSK Tool Holder
Runout: 0.005mm Shank Diameter: 27mm
Size: HSK100 Surface Hardness: HRC60
Taper Angle: 90° Type: Collet Chuck
Weight: 1.1kg
High Light:

CNC Machine Hsk63 Tool Holder


HRC60 HSK100 Tool Holder


Hsk63 Tool Holder Collet Chuck

HSK Face Mill Holder for CNC machine hsk 63 tool holder face mill arbor


HSK face mill arbor FMB tool holder is a tool holder specifically designed for face milling operations. It is compatible with the HSK (Hohl-Schaft-Kegel) tooling system, which is a popular tooling system used in high-speed machining appliCATEEions.

The FMB tool holder is used to securely hold a face mill cutter in place during machining operations. It features a precision ground taper that ensures accurate and repeatable tool positioning. The tool holder also has a clamping mechanism that securely locks the face mill cutter in place, preventing any movement during machining.

The HSK face mill arbor FMB tool holder is available in various sizes to accommodate different face mill cutters. It is typically used in CNC machining centers and milling machines for high-speed face milling operations, such as creating flat surfaces, removing material, or creating grooves.

Overall, the HSK face mill arbor FMB tool holder is a reliable and efficient tool holder for face milling operations, offering excellent precision and stability.​
Hsk 63 Tool Holder SpecifiCATEEions
1, Hsk Face Milling Cutter Material: 40Cr, 20CrMnTi
2. Type: FMA, FMB
3, Hsk Face Milling Holder Model: FMA25.4, FMA31.75, FMA38.1, FMA50.8
FMB22, FMB27, FMB32, FMB40,
4, Accuracy: 0.005mm
5, Hardness: 52-58HRC
6, Hsk Tool Holders Usage: For holding like shell mill cutters
7, Standard: MAS403BT, DIN69871, CATEE ANSI B5.50, DIN2080,
8, Surface; heat treament, sand blasting

CNC Machine Hsk63 Tool Holder Collet Chuck HRC60 HSK100 Tool Holder 0


Model d A L1 D
HSK50-FMB16-50 16 50 17 38
HSK50-FMB22-60 22 60 19 48
HSK50-FMB27-60 27 60 21 58
HSK50-FMB32-60 32 60 24 78
HSK63-FMB16-50 16 50 17 38
HSK63-FMB22-50 22 50 19 48
HSK63-FMB27-60 27 60 21 58
HSK63-FMB32-60 32 60 24 78
HSK63-FMB40-60 40 60 27 88
HSK63-FMB16-100 16 100 17 38
HSK63-FMB22-100 22 100 19 48
HSK63-FMB27-100 27 100 21 58
HSK63-FMB32-100 32 100 24 78
HSK63-FMB40-100 40 100 27 88
HSK80-FMB22-50 22 50 19 48
HSK80-FMB27-50 27 50 21 58
HSK80-FMB32-60 32 60 24 78
HSK80-FMB40-60 40 60 27 88
HSK100-FMB22-50 22 50 19 48
HSK100-FMB27-50 27 50 21 58
HSK100-FMB32-50 32 50 24 78
HSK100-FMB40-60 40 60 27 88
HSK100-FMB60-70 60 70 40 130

 HSK face mill tool holder is a type of tool holder used in milling machines. HSK stands for "Hollow Taper Shank," which refers to the taper design used in the tool holder. The HSK taper provides a high level of precision and rigidity, making it suitable for high-speed machining appliCATEEions.

The face mill tool holder is specifically designed to hold face milling cutters, which are used for machining flat surfaces. The tool holder securely clamps the face mill cutter in place, allowing it to rotate and cut material.

HSK face mill tool holders come in various sizes and types to accommodate different face mill cutters and milling machines. They typically have a flange on one end for attaching the face mill cutter and a tapered shank on the other end for insertion into the milling machine spindle.

Using a HSK face mill tool holder can improve machining accuracy and productivity, as the precise taper design ensures a tight fit and reduces vibration during machining operations.


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