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EOC OZ Collet For Milling Chuck Holder EOC32 Spring Collet

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: QFMH
Model Number: EOC6,EOC8,EOC10,EOC12,EOC16,EOC20,EOC25,EOC32,EOC40
Minimum Order Quantity: 10PCS
Price: USD 1/PCS
Packaging Details: PLASTIC BOX
Delivery Time: 5DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 10000PCS/MONTH
Diameter: 6mm Hardness: HRC55
Material: 65Mn Model: EOC32
Package: Plastic Box Precision: High Precision
Surface_treatment: Polishing Tolerance: 0.01mm
Type: EOC Collet Usage: CNC Machine
Weight: 0.1kg Size: EOC32 7MM
High Light:

EOC OZ Collet


Milling Chuck Holder


EOC32 Spring Collet

EOC OZ Collet For Milling Chuck Holder spring collet oz collet


EOC OZ Collet For Milling Chuck Holder , Used for boring,milling,drilling,tapping,grinding and engraving operation etc.Adopt high strength special material after quenching ,through cryogenic treatment ,the product performance is stable ,wear-resisting and durable. High clamping force ,high precision .Strong substitutability.


Eoc Spring Collet SpecifiCATEEion

● EOC Collet Material: 42CrMo;
● Eoc Milling Collet Hardness: 46-50HRC;
● Precision Collet Grinding within the hole several times, up to Ra0.4, played a mirror effect;
● ,Eoc 25 Collet Cylindrical blank sockets adopt grinding processing technology, more suitable for high-speed processing;
● Cylindrical and end face grinding, up to Ra0.4, play a mirror effect;
● Surface "green" special coating treatment, improve the surface hardness, wear resistance, improve cleanliness, more stable accuracy, the surface is more smooth, rust, better corrosion resistance, feel more comfortable and more beautiful appearance.
● Spring Collet Cryogenic treatment
1, -185 ℃ super-long cryogenic treatment, so that nearly all the retained austenite into martensite;
2. precipitation of nano-carbide particles, increase the hardness and toughness;
3. Reduce the residual stress;
4. Significantly improve wear resistance.

Aging processing
≥ 100h ultra-long set to remove the heat aging residual stress grinding process.



eoc collet

DIN 6388A OZ collet is a type of collet used in machining and tooling appliCATEEions. It is designed to hold cylindrical workpieces securely in place during machining operations. The collet has a cylindrical shape with a series of evenly spaced slots or grooves on its outer surface. These slots allow the collet to expand and contract, enabling it to grip and release the workpiece. The DIN 6388A OZ collet is commonly used in milling machines, lathes, and other machining equipment. It is available in various sizes to accommodate different workpiece diameters.

DIN6388 EOC Collet EOC25 Collet , When the cutter changed,lossen the nut and it shall bring out the collet and the cutter together,then remove the cutter and push out the collet in the offered direction.At last installing the different size collet and cutter. Collet also known as spring collet, is mounted on a drill milling machine, drilling and milling chuck, its function is to clamp drill cutter or knife. Er flexible collet is currently the most used. EOC Collet Its stable performance, high accuracy by the majority of manufacturers trust. EOC Collet All products are precision grinding, in line with the German DIN 6499 specifiCATEEions precision manufacturing.




MODEL d D D1 L L1 L2 L3
EOC6A 1-6 10 11.5 21 3.5 0.5 4
EOC8A 1-8 12.65 14.5 26 4 0.8 4.5
EOC10A 1-10 15.15 17.2 30 4.5 0.8 4.5
EOC12A 1-12 17.75 19.8 34 5 1.1 4.5
EOC16A 2-16 22.65 25.5 40 5.5 1.2 5.5
EOC20A 2-20 27.4 29.8 45 6 1.35 6
EOC25A 2-25 32.9 35.05 52 6 1.4 6
EOC32A 4-32 41.3 43.7 60 6 1.45 7
EOC40A 6-40 49.7 52.2 68 6 1.45 8
EOC50A 8-50 61.1 63.8 80 7 1.55 9





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