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SK40-C20-100 Collet Chuck Cutting Tool Holder Straight Shank 20CrMnTi

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: QFMH
Model Number: SK30,SK40,SK50
Minimum Order Quantity: 10PCS
Price: USD 10/PC
Packaging Details: CARTON
Delivery Time: 5 DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 10000PCS MONTH
Coating: TiN Cutting Direction: Right Hand
Flute Length: 2-1/2 Flute Type: Straight
Material: 20CrMnTi Number Of Flutes: 2
Overall Length: 110 Product Name: SK SC Tool Holder
Shank Diameter: 42 Shank Type: Straight Shank
AppliCATEion: Machining
High Light:

Collet Chuck Cutting Tool Holder


SK40-C20-100 Collet Chuck




SK40-C20-100 Collet Chuck with Low Locking Resistance cutting tool holder cnc chuck


SK Precision Power Milling SC32 Chuck Straight Cutting Tool Holder ,The locking principle of powerful chuck tool holder Similar to the principle of ratchet bearing, the needle rolling is thick in one direction on the conical surface and thin in the opposite direction, instead of rolling on the contour surface. Cnc Chuck,That is to say, the clearance is smaller in one direction, locking, and the clearance is larger and loosening in the other direction. When the locking sleeve rotates clockwise, it drives the cage and the needle to rotate. When the needle falls into the groove of 0.8 on the chuck body, the cage tilts due to the guiding effect, and continues to rotate the groove of 0.8 to make the needle move upward so as to drive the cage to move together, forming a spiral upward motion. Because of the taper effect, the chuck body deforms inward. Form locking force. Release the helix downward counterclockwise. Powerful Collet Chuck,The design of inner hole groove and uniform elastic deformation can ensure excellent precision. Special needle bearing arrangement design, low locking resistance, high clamping force, can produce 280 KGM clamping force.




Model L L1 L2 D d1 d2
SK30-C20-100 147.8 100 70 50 20 55
SK40-C20-85 153.4 85 70 63.55 20 55
SK40-C20-100 168.4 100 70 63.55 20 55
SK40-C20-135 203.4 135 70 63.55 20 55
SK40-C32-105 173.4 105 75 63.55 32 73
SK40-C32-135 203.4 135 75 63.55 32 73
SK50-C20-105 206.75 105 70 97.5 20 55
SK50-C20-150 251.75 150 70 97.5 20 55
SK50-C32-105 206.75 105 75 97.5 32 73
SK50-C32-110 211.75 110 75 97.5 32 73
SK50-C32-135 236.75 135 75 97.5 32 73
SK50-C42-110 211.75 110 90 97.5 42 95


The SK straight power collet chuck is a type of chuck used in machining operations to securely hold and grip tools such as drills, end mills, and taps. It is designed to provide high clamping force and accuracy, ensuring that the tool remains securely in place during operation.

The SK straight power collet chuck features a straight shank design, which allows it to be directly mounted onto the spindle of a machine tool. This eliminates the need for additional tool holders or adapters, simplifying the setup process and reducing tool runout.

One of the key features of the SK straight power collet chuck is its collet system. The collet is a specialized tool holder that grips the tool tightly, preventing any movement or slippage during operation. The collet is tightened using a wrench or a hydraulic/pneumatic clamping system, depending on the specific chuck design.

The SK straight power collet chuck is known for its high clamping force, which is achieved through a combination of the collet design and the chuck's overall construction. This high clamping force ensures that the tool remains securely in place, even during heavy-duty machining operations.

In addition to its clamping force, the SK straight power collet chuck also offers high accuracy and repeatability. This is crucial in machining operations, as it allows for precise positioning and consistent results.

Overall, the SK straight power collet chuck is a reliable and efficient tool holder that is widely used in various machining appliCATEEions. Its combination of high clamping force, accuracy, and repeatability makes it a popular choice among machinists and manufacturers.

SK C collet chuck

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