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SK40-SLA8-50 SK Tool Holder 20CrMnTi Side Lock Tool Holder

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: QFMH
Model Number: SK30,SK40,SK50
Minimum Order Quantity: 10PCS
Price: USD 10/PCS
Packaging Details: PLASTIC BOX
Delivery Time: 5DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000PCS/MONTH
Coating: TiAlN Cutting Direction: Right Hand
Cutting Edge: Single Flute: 2
Length: 100 Material: 20CrMnTi
Overall Length: 63 Shank: SK
Shank Diameter: 22 Size: Sk30
Type: Tool Holder Weight: 1.2kg
AppliCATEion: CNC Weldon Machine Hardness: HRC56
Packing: Carton Box Service: OEM/ODM
High Light:



SLA8-50 SK Tool Holder


20CrMnTi Side Lock Tool Holder

SK40-SLA8-50 Side Lock Tool Holder with Surface Roughness < 0.4 and Cryogenic Treatment


SK END MILL HOLDER ,SK Side Lock Tool Holder ,The side fixed tool handle holds the boring cutter. The biggest characteristics are: A. High precision B. Large clamping force C. Good rigidity D. Strong directivityCnc SK Side Lock End Mill Tool Holder, Side fixed tool handle: It refers to the tool whose handle is flattened. It is generally used for installing quick drills. Advantages: high clamping degree and concentricity, commonly used to connect thread milling cutter, milling cutter, drill bit, large clamping force, suitable for machining with large cutting force. However, one size of drill bit shall be equipped with a corresponding chuck, which has many specifiCATEEions. Secondly, it may cause the drill bit and the spindle are not concentric, which may damage the drill bit during processing.

SK Side Lock Tool Holder cnc tool Product information
1. SK END MILL HOLDER Material: 20CrMnTi;
2. SK END MILL HOLDER Hardness: 58 + 2HRC;
3.7:24 taper accuracy < AT3;
4. Carburizing depth: > 0.8;
5. Surface roughness: <0.4;
6. All NC tool holders are subjected to long-term cryogenic treatment to precipitate retained austenite into martensite and nano-carbide particles, which improves the hardness, toughness and durability of the tool holder and reduces the residual internal stress.
7. Extra-long time and thermal aging treatment can effectively remove the residual internal stress during grinding.



Model d D L Weight(KGS)
SK30-SLA10-50 10 35 50 0.9
SK30-SLA12-50 12 42 50 0.9
SK30-SLA16-63 16 48 63 1.1






SK40-SLA6-50 6 25 50 0.85
SK40-SLA8-50 8 28 50 1
SK40-SLA10-50 10 35 50 1.1
SK40-SLA12-50 12 42 50 1.3
SK40-SLA16-63 16 48 63 1.4
SK40-SLA20-63 20 52 63 1.5
SK40-SLA25-100 25 65 100 2.4
SK40-SLA32-100 32 72 100 2.7






SK50-SLA6-63 6 25 63 3.1
SK50-SLA8-63 8 28 63 3.1
SK50-SLA10-63 10 35 63 3.3
SK50-SLA12-63 12 42 63 3.5
SK50-SLA16-63 16 48 63 3.45
SK50-SLA20-63 20 52 63 3.5
SK50-SLA25-80 25 65 80 4.2
SK50-SLA32-100 32 72 100 5
SK50-SLA40-100 40 90 100 5.6
SK50-SLA50-125 50 100 125 5.7


SK Weldon tool holder is a type of tool holder used in machining operations. It is designed to securely hold cutting tools, such as end mills or drills, in place during machining processes. The SK Weldon tool holder is named after the standardized SK (Steilkegel) taper used in its design, which ensures a precise and reliable connection between the tool holder and the machine spindle. The Weldon style refers to the specific type of tool shank used, which features a flat surface for enhanced tool stability and rigidity. The SK Weldon tool holder is commonly used in milling operations and is known for its excellent gripping strength and high precision.





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