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CNC Machining ER Collet SK10 SK16 SK20 SK25

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: QFMH
Model Number: SK06,SK10,SK16,SK25
Minimum Order Quantity: 10PCS
Price: USD 1/PCS
Packaging Details: PLASTIC BOX
Delivery Time: 5DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 10000PCS/MONTH
Features: High Precision, High Wear Resistance AppliCATEion: CNC Machining
Clamping Range: 1-20mm Hardness: HRC46-50
Heat Treatment: High Frequency Quenching Material: 65MN
Package: Plastic Box/Carton/Pallet Product Name: Sk Collet
Size: Sk20 Accuracy: 0.008mm
Packaging: Plastic Box Tolerance: 0.005mm
Warranty: 1 Year
High Light:

ER Collet SK25


ER Collet in CNC Machining

SK10 SK16 SK20 SK25 Spring SK Slim Collet Sk Collet For Sk Tool Holder


SK clamping collet is a type of collet used in CNC milling machines. It is designed to securely hold the cutting tool in place during the machining process. The SK clamping collet has a cylindrical shape with a taper at one end, which fits into the spindle of the milling machine. The other end of the collet has a threaded section that allows for easy attachment and removal of the cutting tool.

The SK clamping collet uses a drawbar mechanism to tighten and hold the cutting tool in place. When the drawbar is tightened, it pulls the collet into the spindle, compressing the collet and gripping the tool tightly. This ensures that the tool remains securely in place during the milling operation, preventing any slippage or movement that could affect the accuracy and quality of the machining.

The SK clamping collet is known for its high clamping force, which allows for heavy-duty machining operations. It also provides excellent concentricity, ensuring that the tool is perfectly aligned with the spindle axis, resulting in precise and accurate machining.
Overall, the SK clamping collet is a reliable and efficient tool holding system for CNC milling machines, providing secure clamping and precise tool alignment for optimal machining performance.


● precision Collet Material: Imported material SUJ2;
● Sk High Speed Collet Hardness: HRC46-50;
● Spring Collet Extremely deep cryogenic treatment and thermal aging treatment in the process to improve the accuracy and dimensional stability;
● 4 ° semi-cone angle of SK Collet design, more clamping force, improve the seismic performance;
Sk Clamping Collets ,sk tool holderThe boss on the front of the SK collet is designed to prevent the entry of dust and chips and prolong the service life.
●spring SK Collet, The inner hole is polished many times, up to Ra0.4, the mirror effect;




SK collet is a type of collet used in SK tool holders. SK tool holders are commonly used in milling machines and machining centers. The SK collet is designed to securely hold a cutting tool in place while allowing for easy tool changes. It is known for its high precision and rigidity, making it suitable for various machining appliCATEEions.
Model L l1 l2 l3 d d1 d2 d3 d4 d5
SK06 25.7 17.5 4 2.4 9.26 10.5 7.5 6 7.8 9.9640
SK10 32 22 5 2.5 13.7 15.6 12 10 12 15.0130
SK16 46 32 8 2.8 21 24.6 18.8 16 19 29.9390
SK25 58 43 8.5 3.6 31 35.6 28.9 25.5 28.2 35.0290


SK collet precision milling collets are a type of tool holding system used in milling machines. They are designed to securely hold cutting tools such as end mills, drills, and reamers in the spindle of the milling machine.

SK collet precision milling collets have a precision ground taper that allows for high levels of accuracy and repeatability in tool positioning. This ensures that the cutting tool is held securely and precisely centered in the spindle, resulting in accurate and consistent machining operations.

These collets are available in various sizes to accommodate different tool shank diameters. They typically have a clamping range of 0.5mm to 25mm, allowing for a wide range of tool sizes to be used.

SK collet precision milling collets are known for their excellent gripping force, which helps to prevent tool slippage during heavy machining operations. This ensures that the cutting tool remains securely in place, allowing for efficient and precise metal removal.

Overall, SK collet precision milling collets are a popular choice for many machining appliCATEEions due to their high precision, reliability, and versatility.


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