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Drill Chuck Taper Tool Holder NT40-APU13-110 Clamping Range 1-13

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: QFMH
Model Number: NT30,NT40,NT50
Minimum Order Quantity: 10PCS
Price: USD 20/PCS
Packaging Details: PLASTIC BOX
Delivery Time: 5DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000PCS/MONTH
Coating: TiN Connection: Weldon
Cutting Direction: Right Hand Cutting Edge Angle: 90°
Flutes: 2 Helix Angle: 30°
Material: Carbide Insert Size: 13
Name: NT APU Tool Holder Overall Length: 110
Shank Diameter: 10 MODEL: DRILL CHUCK
Weight: 0.9 AppliCATEion: Cutting Tools
Cutting Process: Milling Cutter SIZE: NT40-APU13
High Light:

Drill Chuck Taper Tool Holder


Taper Tool Holder NT40



NT40-APU13-110, Clamping Range 1-13, drill chuck taper tool holder


NT50 APU tool holder is a type of tool holder used in CNC machines. It is designed to hold NT50 APU (Automatic Precision Unit) tooling, which is commonly used in high-speed machining appliCATEEions.

The NT50 APU tool holder is typically made of high-quality steel and features a taper design that allows for easy insertion and removal of the tooling. It is also equipped with a clamping mechanism that securely holds the tooling in place during operation.

One of the key advantages of the NT50 APU tool holder is its ability to provide high precision and accuracy in machining operations. The APU system ensures that the tooling is automatically centered and aligned, minimizing runout and improving overall machining performance.

Additionally, the NT50 APU tool holder is compatible with a wide range of tooling options, including drills, end mills, and reamers. This versatility makes it suitable for various machining appliCATEEions, from roughing to finishing operations.

Overall, the NT50 APU tool holder is a reliable and efficient tooling solution for CNC machining, offering high precision, compatibility, and ease of use.


High Quality NT30 40 50 Auto Clamping APU Drill Chuck Tool Holder ,NT APU drill chuck Hardness: HRC 56-58 .AppliCATEEion range: clip diameter: 0.5-16mm bit .Mechanical spindle and cutting tools and other accessories.High Precision NT shank Tool Holder ,balanced G6.3 or G2.5 For choose.

1.NT APU drill chuck Product Type: NT30 / 40/50-APU (see model below)
2.NT APU drill chuck Material: high quality carburizing alloy steel, black treatment and fine grinding
3.NT APU drill chuck Taper Shank: Tolerance Level <AT3
4.NT APU drill chuck Hardness: HRC 56-58
5.Carburizing depth: 0.8mm ± 0.2mm
6.Maximum beating: <0.005mm = 5um
7.Surface roughness: Ra <0.005 mm
8.NT APU drill chuck AppliCATEEion: clamping the diameter of 0.5-16mm drill


Model Clamping Range D L
Min Max
NT30-APU13-100 1-13 51.5 97 104.5
NT40-APU08-85 1-8 36.3 79 86.5
NT40-APU13-110 1-13 51.5 98 109
NT40-APU16-130 3-16 58 116 130
NT50-APU08-95 1-8 36.3 90 97.5
NT50-APU13-120 1-13 51.5 109 120
NT50-APU13-180 1-13 51.5 169 180
NT50-APU16-130 3-16 58 116 130
NT50-APU16-190 3-16 58 176 190




Clamping an APU (Automatic Precision Universal) drill chuck is a relatively simple process. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Ensure that the drill chuck is clean and free from any debris or dirt.
2. Insert the drill bit into the chuck and tighten the chuck jaws by turning the chuck sleeve clockwise. Make sure the chuck jaws firmly grip the drill bit.
3. Hold the chuck sleeve with one hand to prevent it from rotating, while using your other hand to turn the chuck nut counterclockwise to loosen it.
4. Once the chuck nut is loose, slide it up towards the chuck sleeve, allowing the chuck jaws to open.
5. Insert the APU chuck into the drill spindle, aligning the drive shaft of the chuck with the spindle.
6. Push the chuck fully into the spindle until it is seated securely.
7. While holding the chuck in place, turn the chuck nut clockwise to tighten it. Make sure to tighten the chuck nut firmly, but avoid over-tightening to prevent damage to the chuck or drill spindle.
8. Release the chuck sleeve, allowing it to move back to its original position, thereby clamping the drill bit securely.
9. To check the clamping, gently pull on the drill bit to ensure it is held firmly in place.
10. Your APU drill chuck is now clamped and ready for use.

Remember to always follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines when working with power tools.



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