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6mm 10mm Key Type Drill Chuck Lathe High Precision Drill Chuck

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: qfmh
Model Number: 6mm,10mm,13mm,16mm
Minimum Order Quantity: 10PCS
Price: USD 5/PCS
Packaging Details: CARTON
Delivery Time: 3DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 10000PCS/MONTH
Chuck Type: Keyless Color: Black
Jaw Type: 3-Jaw Material: Steel
Mount Type: Threaded Package: Carton Box
Product Name: Drill Chuck Thread Size: 1/2-20
Milling Cutter Type: Milling
High Light:

10mm Key Type Drill Chuck


6mm Key Type Drill Chuck


Lathe High Precision Drill Chuck


Key Type Drill Chuck for Milling Machine and Lathe precision drill chucks


Heavy Duty Key type Drill Chucks ,tool holder for high precision spanner drill chuck is connected with the tool, is used to clamp the handle type tool accessories. Key Type Drill Chuck There are two connection ways: threaded connections and taper connection. According to the specifiCATEEions of the chuck now, specifiCATEEions of the main thread of the 3/8-24UNF, 1/2-20UNF, 5/8-16UN, M12 * 1.25. Taper hole connection are mainly B10, B12, B16, B18, B22 and JT0, JT2, JT3, JT6, JT10, JT33 and other specifiCATEEions. Threaded connection is mainly used for electric drill, drilling machine is mainly used for connecting taper hole.


drill chuck Product information
1. Key Type Drill Chuck Suitable for medium and heavy drilling
2. Applied to milling machine, lathe, drilling machine, woodworking machinery
3. Ability to withstand high speed cutting
4. Keytype Drill Chuck Material: 20CrMnTi
5. Hardness: 56-58HRC
6. Provide two kinds of appearance: sandblasting appearance and coating treatment.
7. When drilling, tighten the chuck slightly, strengthen the grip force and increase the torque, increase the grip force obviously and prevent the bit from moving.

Key Type Drill Chuck AppliCATEEion:
Recommended for light, medium and heavy-duty portable bench or floor mounted power tiils

1. Thread Mount: Unf. Metric
Model Capacity Mount
mm Inch
J3110M 1.0-10 1/32-3/8 3/8-24UNF
J3110M 1.0-10 1/32-3/8 1/2-20UNF
J3113M 1.0-13 1/32-1/2 1/2-20UNF
2. Moese Taper Mount
Model Capacity Mount
mm Inch
J2110H 1.0-10 1/32-3/8 B12
J2113H 1.0-13 1/32-1/2 B16
J2516M 3.0-16 1/8-5/8 B16
J2516M 3.0-16 1/8-5/8 B18
J2116H 1.0-16 1/32-5/8 B16
J2116H 1.0-16 1/32-5/8 B18
J2120H 5.0-20 3/16-3/4 B22
3. Jacquard Taper Mount
Model Capacity Mount
mm Inch
J2210H 1.0-10 1/32-3/8 JT2
J2213H 1.0-13 1/32-1/2 JT33
J2213H 1.0-13 1/32-1/2 JT6
J2616M 3.0-16 1/8-5/8 JT3
J2616M 3.0-16 1/8-5/8 JT33
J2616M 3.0-16 1/8-5/8 JT6
J2216AH 1.0-16 1/32-5/8 JT3
J2220 5.0-20 3/16-3/4 JT3



key type drill chuck is a type of chuck that is used to hold drill bits securely in place while drilling. It is called a key type chuck because it requires a special key to tighten or loosen the chuck jaws.

The key type drill chuck consists of a cylindrical body with three or four jaws that can be opened or closed using the key. The drill bit is inserted into the chuck and the jaws are tightened around it using the key. This ensures that the drill bit is held securely and does not slip or wobble during drilling.

To tighten or loosen the chuck jaws, the key is inserted into the holes provided on the chuck body. Turning the key clockwise tightens the jaws and locks the drill bit in place, while turning it counterclockwise loosens the jaws and allows for easy removal or insertion of the drill bit.

Key type drill chucks are commonly used in hand drills, drill presses, and other drilling machines. They are versatile and can hold a wide range of drill bit sizes and shapes. However, they require a bit of manual effort to tighten or loosen the chuck jaws, which can be time-consuming compared to other types of chucks such as keyless chucks.



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